Conveyor Automation

Conveyors and related automation equipment is where we really shine. We have been at it for over 30 years now. Our A LEX conveyors have evolved into two distinct design platforms. The 60 series and the 140 series are available in Al profile and now stainless steel construction.

They have a number of really nice features that lend themselves very well to integration with other equipment. Also, they are robust with heavy wall extrusions and heavy duty components that are easy to replace. Even our guide rails are much heavier duty than what you are used to seeing. All is designed and built to last for years and be easily reconfigurable.

Even though these designs are established we have no standard sizes. The length, width and height is variable. Also, any type of chain or belt can be specified.

Nearly all other parts are pre-made, shortening lead times and available for easy replacement. All conveyors are assembled to order.

In short – A LEX conveyors are a near perfect blend of standard and custom design objectives, built to rugged standards.

That said, we also do quite a bit of truly custom one-off conveyor automation product designs. These conveyors often use an indexing motion. It you are wanting to move thing along, contact us!

Past Projects

140 Inclined SS 1 - Case Automation Corp.


1504 - Case Automation Corp.


1941 Conveyor - Case Automation Corp.


2205 STD Reject Conveyor - Case Automation Corp.


2097 - Case Automation Corp.


2205 STD Reject Conveyor - Case Automation Corp.


2075 Starwheel


1944 - Case Automation Corp.


60 Baker Chain - Case Automation Corp.


60 SS Short - Case Automation Corp.


2197-1 - Case Automation Corp.


2197-2 - Case Automation Corp.


2209-1 - Case Automation Corp.


2025 - Case Automation Corp.