Acrylic Sheet Polishers

These very unique machines polish large sheets - 3m x 3m - of cast acrylic plastic sheets into very flat and clear panels. Robust base construction, latest components and upper end controls allow this machine to hold very tight tolerances of flatness across each sheet while significantly lowering production cycle times.  

These finished sheets are most often then cut and formed and coated into windows for the aircraft and railroad markets.

Over the last 10 years, we have produced enough of these behemoths [20,000kg!] - in two sizes - that they have become almost a standard for us. We also have produced several of the equally unique pieces of ancillary equipment that this process requires.

Case Automation Corp. - 2x Polisher Production
Case Automation Corp. - 2085 and 2086 Installed
Case Automation Corp. - Polisher 2016 10FT
Case Automation Corp. - Polisher 10ft PPG
Case Automation Corp. - Polisher Backing Wheel