Machine Enclosures & Frames

We have produced hundreds of custom machine enclosures. We also produce complete machine safety systems, including hard guarding and light curtains and E stops. Often these projects require extra modification in order to make the equipment compliant with the most recent OSHA upgraded mandates.

We understand the OSHA requirements and the difficulties often encountered with producing a compliant approach that still allows the machine to operate efficiently.

Other enclosures that we produce are designed to maintain a specific environment. Still others provide a stable pass thru chamber for moving product in and out of maintained environments (i.e. cleanrooms).

In addition to using A LEX al profiles, we also produce enclosures out of stainless steel.

We also build machine frames to your designs. Not only can we this do quickly and accurately, we do it at less cost and deliver each on our own truck, saving you crating and shipping costs and time.

Past Projects

2100 Helix Conveyor - Case Automation Corp.


2135 - Case Automation Corp.


2145 Chain Conveyor with Bends - Case Automation Corp.


1649 Frame - Case Automation Corp.


1976 Frame - Case Automation Corp.


2025 Machine Base - Case Automation Corp.


2069 Frame Base - Case Automation Corp.